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Bee Pollen Weight Loss Supplements


 All Natural Weight Loss Supplement

                                                       ZXT Gold Bee Pollen Capsules 
How this product works in 3 phases:
  1. Elimination of Fat through Thermogenesis: Through the thermogenesis process, your body is heated from the inside out, increasing your metabolism, as well as your ability to sweat. In addition, this allows your body to go into instant metabolic function, yet it’s induced faster in colder environments and high calorie diets. So, don’t change your diet, and when you have the chance, put the AC on BLAST! Also, it is important to notice these effects tend to get stronger the longer you are on the product. 
  2.  Detoxification of the Colon and Digestive System : This product offers total cleansing of the digestive system by utilizing insoluble fiber from all the ingredients, allowing the product to provide a very strong natural laxative that removes toxins and parasites.
  3. The pH Balancing: The body is naturally acidic.  If there is a stage where more acid/toxins accumulate than the body can handle then it will store this excess in fat cells as a buffering system to protect the main organs. To combat an over acidic body, the product rebalances the pH levels in the body.  Consequently, forcing your body to get rid of the excess toxins/acid that have built-up in your tissues, resulting in fat / weight loss.

   Main Ingredients:

ZXT Gold (Strength -Strong): Bee Pollen, Chinese Yams, Green Tea, Lotus Seed, WolfBerry, and Dietary Fiber

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Q: How would I know if these pills are working for me?

 A: The first week you start taking these supplements, you will notice that you’re eating intake changes.  You start craving less sugar and eating less. 

 Q: Am I going to have constant bowel movements?

 A: The first month you begin taking the capsules, you will absolutely go to the bathroom more than what you are use to.  Please understand that the reason many of us have a weight gain problem is because of the harmful toxins we intake in our everyday activities, which slow down our metabolism.  Any good diet supplement will remove those harmful toxins from your body before it starts its other great benefits.  This is the stage that we call detoxifying your body.  Once your body gets rid of these harmful toxins, you will go back to a regular bowel movement. 

 Q: Do I need to eat certain foods to help with weight loss for this supplement to work?

 A: You do not.  You must continue eating all your desired meals. We do not recommend that you change your eating habits.  The pills will help you learn to eat healthier thru out the process.  We do advice that you include some protein in your eating habits.  Protein allows your metabolism to speed up.  This is always a plus when you are in a rush to loose those extra pounds in 1 week.  Plus there are many delicious protein snacks that you can include in your daily meal!  Please do not restrict yourself from eating those delicious cookies you like so much!

 Q: Do I have to exercise?

 A: The beauty of this supplement is that you do not have to exercise at all!  I do want to make you aware that you will gain a lot of energy. This means that you will most likely be more active! If you start to feel jittery, a simple 15 -20 min walk will help to burn the extra energy from the bee pollen.

 Q: What happens if I stop taking these pills?

 A: Once you have reached your desired weight, I recommend that you take only 1 pill for 30 days.  After the 30 days you may discontinue the use of the supplement. Keep in mind that if you go back to your 'poor' eating habits you could gain your weight back. If you keep up with small multiple meals per day you metabolism runs more consistently and will help you maintain your desired weight.


WARNING: Not suitable without doctor supervision for the following: Pregnant and breast-feeding women, adolescent, elderly, people with serious diseases and allergic to this product. Shipping and handling will be included in every order. You will receive a confirmation email once Slimwithsly has received your order invoice. All shipments take 5-7 days to reach recipient. RETURN POLICY: If at any time you are unsatisfied with the contents of your purchase, Slimwithsly will refund your money, minus shipping and handling to any UNOPENED purchase.



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